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Nepali Language Resource Center (NLRC) (नेपाली भाषा स्रोत केन्द्र) aims to promote the Nepali language.

The NLRC website,, offers a comprehensive set of Nepali language services, from software as a service (SaaS) offerings to professional services, and a resource with articles on various aspects of the language, e.g., orthography, grammar, pronunciation, music, literature, etc. The website is designed for users with all levels of Nepali language proficiency.


A set of conventions for writing Nepali including spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and others.

Alphabet and Writing System

A close look at the Nepali writing system and its principles on which modern Nepali is written.

Pronouncing Nepali

A guide to pronouncing Nepali with a description of the principles on which Nepali words are pronounced.

And more

From NLRC, including Apps, Nepali numbers, Nepali English Translation.

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