Promoting the Nepali language

Making Nepali easier to learn and use

Nepali Language Resource Center (NLRC) (नेपाली भाषा स्रोत केन्द्र) aims to promote the Nepali language.

The NLRC website,, offers a comprehensive set of Nepali language services, from software as a service (SaaS) offerings to professional services, and a resource with articles on various aspects of the language, e.g., orthography, grammar, pronunciation, music, literature, etc. The website is designed for users with all levels of Nepali language proficiency.

Nepali Spell Checker

Nepali Spell Checker makes it easy to spell-check in Nepali by providing relevant and accurate suggestions.


A set of conventions for writing Nepali including spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and others.

Alphabet and Writing System

A close look at the Nepali writing system and its principles on which modern Nepali is written.

Pronouncing Nepali

A guide to pronouncing Nepali with a description of the principles on which Nepali words are pronounced.

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