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Nepali Language Resource Center, NLRC, aims to promote the Nepali language, the official language of Nepal, one of the official languages of India and spoken by millions around the world.

The NLRC website, www.nepalilanguage.org, offers Nepali language users and learners an easily accessible online service to make using Nepali easier and a resource with articles and guidance on various aspects of the language, e.g., orthography, grammar, pronunciation, music, literature, etc.

The wider support for Unicode and the worldwide reach of the Internet have provided opportunities to effectively promote the language in the digital medium. The website capitalizes on these opportunities to offer various online applications. The backend of these applications have matured over time with high quality data and a comprehensive grammar engine, which incorporates the grammar guidelines published by Nepal Academy.

Over the years, the website has seen an unprecedented increase in the adoption of its online apps and the use of the resources. The website is designed for users with all levels of Nepali language proficiency and it continues to expand its offerings to make learning and using Nepali easier.

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