Feedback on our Efforts

The positive response we have received for our efforts has helped us to improve the quality of various resources and applications to make Nepali easier to learn and use. Thank you for your feedback.

An unparalleled contribution to the conservation and preservation of the Nepali language. You, the developers, have proven your worth. Very grateful to you!

This is a genuine endeavor to [help] speak and write correct Nepali. Congratulations to all of you.

I love learning languages and so I wanted to learn a little Nepali as part of my visit [to Nepal.] Your website has been an amazing resource for me as I try to learn Nepali.

First of all, my deepest compliments - you are absolutely super! I would have never thought I could pose a question and get an answer almost immediately, plus, real occupation with my topic [computing in Nepali language], without any interest in profit or whatsoever. So, all I can say is THANK YOU! I am deeply impressed!

[I] feel like a generation-appropriate project has been done. All of you involved in this very important project are worthy of commendations and a sincere gratitude; best wishes to all of you. As the project is in the initial phases, there might be minor items that need to be updated, but with timely contributions from everyone, we will be able to improve upon the project. If there is anything that I can do from my side [to improve the project], please provide an opportunity to contribute to me as well. Hearty congratulations and best wishes.

Thank you for making this website to teach Nepali. It helps me in learning Nepali.

Thank you very much for putting up this online Nepali keyboard. I am learning Nepali reading and writing as part of my research into Indic language orthography. I am able to use your keyboard for my research.

Nepali Spell Checker is helping me very much! Nepali being a third language for me, it was highly difficult to check spelling mistakes in my materials, but with this application, I was able to correct almost all the mistakes.
Great work!

Thank you for such a nice tool and that also in an easy interface. I appreciate how you have updated the user interface. It's been of a great use to me and countless others.

The [Nepali] Spell Checker is one of the best apps, thanks for your efforts. Great work! Keep it up!

I enjoyed this app very much. This is an unparalleled effort to help improve proficiency of the Nepali language used by amateur writers. Great!

This website was and is so useful to me in my translation work. Thank you for your efforts.
I will recommend this page to people who are in my contact.


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