Promoting the Nepali language

Learning and using Nepali made easier

Nepali Language Resource Center, NLRC, aims to promote the Nepali language.

The NLRC website,, offers Nepali language users and learners an easily accessible online service to make using Nepali easier and a resource with articles and guidance on various aspects of the language, e.g., orthography, grammar, pronunciation, music, literature, etc.

Over the years, the website has seen an unprecedented increase in the adoption of its online apps and the use of the resources. The website is designed for users with all levels of Nepali language proficiency and it continues to expand its offerings to make learning and using Nepali easier.

Articles / Blog

An overview of the articles available at NLRC on Nepali language, literature, music and success stories, along with selected blog entries.


Enjoy a selected set of stories and folk tales and join Maya and Pabitra Sundari in an adventure.

Pronouncing Nepali

A guide to pronouncing Nepali with a description of the principles on which Nepali words are pronounced.


A set of conventions for writing Nepali including spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and others.


Online apps to learn and use Nepali, including the popular Nepali Spell Checker.

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